>What on earth is this?

>When does too much fun become dangerous to your health? Whilst enjoying the hell out of more than one bottle of flavoured Absolut vodka, we chanced across something that we cannot identify. Maybe you guys can help us to identify this affliction.

Is it leprosy?

Is it the plague?

Or is it just a Ropey Old Bird having WAAAY too much fun?

I know what I think. The Knapps and the Macs have had THE best week ever in the history of awesome weeks. We know you wish you were here, but we’ve decided that the circle is complete and we’re really not interviewing anymore – sorry.

7 thoughts on “>What on earth is this?

  1. >I knew from the second line that this post is a hoax. Absolut vodka, especially flavoured, cannot be the source of any joy. Grow up and start drinking decent vodka.

  2. >Then please yourself and keep drinking shitty vodka…

  3. >Not shitty vodka, girly vodka!

    OK, so shitty, girly vodka!

  4. >I’m telling you, that bag would have looked far better with holes for my eyes!

    Oh, and that Rasberry Vodka? $15 for a HUGE bottle here! Bollocks.

  5. >No more interviews?!

    Oh, I had loads of questions lined up, mostly relating to if you guys had a ‘swinging’ time… if you know what I mean!


  6. >Here I am drinking more of that Vodka shit and not geting blotchy in the slightest!