>Further evidence that I need my head read…

>Remember the great news about the Xbox mod chip that I installed myself after our trip to France? Well that little bad boy is still running like a treat and everyone is happy with the ongoing performance of the machine.

Since I am either soft in the head or soft in the heart, I asked Ewan if he wanted a mod chip for his Gamecube. How hard could it be? He readily agreed (what else would he have said?) and I set about the task of finding out the optimum chip to buy which involves a heap of internet research and then the outlay of cash money to secure the goods. Did I tell you I bloody love shopping on the internet? Give me a credit card and a computer and I’ll have the bailiffs ’round in 72 hours to start recuperating the accumulated debts!!

Eventually we settled on the Viper GC Extreme. Easy enough to install I suppose, if you aren’t too bothered putting a soldering iron to a printed circuit board with no recourse when you fuck it up!

Here are some of the instructions…

The total instructions are limited to three pages like that with pics and very little text. The adage about a picture and some words did not apply in this case. What do you do when yours doesn’t look like the picture Miss?

The upshot is that the machine functions perfectly snd now reads games burnt onto normal size DVDs thanks to the mod chip and a new cover / case-modification (which also had to be purchased) and Ewan has expanded his game library to record levels. Oh and I took another step down the parallel paths of blindness and baldness due to the combination of very close work and stress. I don’t know why I volunteer for this sort of thing.

Stay tuned for the story of how I pulled Patrick’s PS2 apart to install his modchip…it ain’t gonna be pretty. I won’t be able to blog it until the psychiatric counselling is finished, but here is a sneak preview.

Opening Up A Can of Worms

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