The Macs Leap into the 21st Century

>Well it is all happening here at the Chateau! In our never ending quest for the cheapest solution to our English TV needs we have decided to cancel our Sky subscription. I was resistant for a long time because I wanted to keep the channels that we had despite the fact that we never seem to be able to find anything to watch and seem to be on the same channels all the time. It cost £21 a month and there was nothing on it!

Plus, I absolutely resent the fact that I pay a subscription to be shown ads!!! What a fuckin’ liberty!!!

Anyway, we canceled Sky and will now just get the free to air channels. No biggie. The big deal here is that we just grabbed the new Cablecom Digital TV Recorder package! It is totally awesome because it now has BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, ITV2 and Film4. The BBC channels and the ITV channels could never be watched because the satellite signal dropped out if there were any clouds in the sky (but all the other Sky channels worked). So I could never seem to watch my beloved Formula 1 on ITV or Top Gear on BBC2. We also missed a load of Masterchef and University Challenge.

We’ll miss them no more! I am very impressed so far. Especially that we have got TWO tuners so we can record Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Corrie at the same time!!

If you need us, we’ll be watching telly.